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Legal Notices & Information

PRIVACY: All information is kept private and will not be used by any other organisations than those in the core of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan. 

MAILING LIST: You may receive occasional news about:-

  • new ideas, developments and opportunities,
  • job vacancies/offers,
  • invitations to contract tenders for you or your organisation,
  • other special benefits of Rumbler Cars and the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan which may be of interest to subscribers, sponsors & supporters.

You will be given the opportunity to opt out of any further news and information when you receive these notices.

NON-SOLICITATION: This is NOT a solicitation to invest.  If you wish to invest in the Rumbler then make contact for confidential discussions or details of where and how to make a secure investment.

COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY:  Some information regarding the Rumbler and the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan remains commercially confidential and will only be disclosed to those who have shown their commitment to these offerings.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS:  All IP rights, for designs, trade marks, copyrights, applicable patents, registered or otherwise, unless otherwise stated, remain the sole title of Michael Bond and no copying, reproduction or other use, commercial or otherwise, is permitted without the express written permission of Michael Bond.

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