Subaru WRX "Concept 13"

Concept 13 - Transforming and Tuning the Subaru WRX 2015 model into the 2013 Concept.

Introduction to Subaru WRX Concept 13 from Rumbler Cars


Michael Bond, designer of the Rumbler, plans to recreate the original Subaru WRX Concept from 2013 for enthusiastic Subaru clients in the UK.

Restyling and enhancing the body profile front and rear, retuning the engine for added value and tweaking other features he plans to achieve something closer to the 2013 Concept model introduced by Subaru and which won approval from many enthusiasts round the world.

This is an independent initiative not approved of or supported by Subaru and will be undertaken in partnership with specialist suppliers and engineering teams in the UK.

Learn more below over the next few weeks.

(Note: Images for illustration purposes only.)


Styling - Key Features

Within the limitations of a production WRX the key features to be restyled close to the original concept will be the nose panel and rear boot.

The original design conceived of a sleek, cleaner, sophisticated style and this will be restored by replacing the nose panel and grills with a new set in keeping with the spirit of the original.

In the concept model there was no rear spoiler, but Subaru obviously had some lying around from the previous model and threw them on later.  Some people want to retain the dynamic aggressiveness of the spoiler and this will be retained if you wish, but an alternative boot style will designed for those wanting to get closer to the concept.

See Latest Illustration of key features to be improved
(Up-Dated end-May 2014).

Go on, you know you want it.
(Up-dated, final draft design, end-May, 2014)


Tuning for Subaru WRX Concept 13 from Rumbler Cars


We've got to give you something more for your money than revised body panels and the new Concept 13 will be tuned up for extra BHP.

Various options can take power as far as you dare, from 360 bhp, through 400, 500, 600, upto 1,000!

Dare you?



Suspension & Ride

We could drop the suspension, to give it that special low riding drive every street racer enjoys, but should we really do that to a rally-bred car?

No.  For two reasons.

Natural disasters like the odd snowfall and a few floods demand a safer, higher ride.

Man-made disasters, like speed bumps and potholes, mean you don't want to be scraping and crunching your beautiful bodywork on some Council Car Manglers.

And remember, if you ever do want to enjoy a little frisky prance through the countryside, a higher ride will takes you places other cars fear to tread.

Styling for Subaru WRX Concept 13 from Rumbler Cars



Colours & Detail Styles

Existing WRX colour schemes will be retained, but if there is sufficient demand then additional colour and detail styling plans may become available.

There are two core themes for the detail styling plan: Gloss Black and Mirrored Silver/Chrome.

The Gloss Black scheme is based on the original styling of the concept model, however, another option, the mirror opposite, is to offer you a Mirrored Silver/Chrome styling for those elements.  This should contrast well with selected metallic colour schemes, Red, White and Sky Blue in particular.

Detailing covers the front grills, side window trims, door mirror, window tinting, wheels and possibly exhaust panel.

Bling, bling!


Pricing depends on your choice of tuning, styling and the number of people who want to enjoy the WRX Concept as it ought to have been.

The higher the demand the lower to end-cost. 

Pricing option includes access to the Rumbler finance scheme for self-employed traders or company owners who can take advantage of offshore tax-efficient acquisition routes to reduce your net costs.


Join Now, Get It Soon

The WRX "Concept 13" will not go ahead without enthusiastic support and active commitment from you, your friends, all enthusiasts.

Production will begin when we cross the threshold of fifty (50) confirmed orders.  There is no upper limit.

Special colour and styling schemes will become available subject to orders, minimum ten (10) orders for a scheme.

Delivery will be based on availability of WRX models to improve, not the limited stock available to local importers.

If there is enough demand I hope we can convince Subaru to make additional stock available to this Very Special Edition.


Contact Today   

Contact Subaru iconsRumbler Cars are open for business with the Subaru Concept 13. 

If you want to leave your details now then visit the contacts page.

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